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    We are approved by the DVSA

    We offer CBT in East London, motorcycle & scooter training,

    7 days a week

  • CBT


    We offer CBT in East London 7 days a week

    Our East London CBT courses are approved by the DVSA

    Learn to ride a motorbike or scooter, bike hire is FREE


    CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training:

    If you want to get off the bus/tube or out of your car, ride a 50 cc or 125 cc motorbike or scooter or go on and get yourself a motorcycle licence: full DAS (direct access) or restricted (A2),

    CBT is the course you need to get started.


    Course length:

    CBT usually takes a full day to complete

    The CBT is not a test it's a continual assessment. If you meet the required standard in each element, you can proceed to the next until the course is completed, at which point your instructor will issue you with your CBT certificate (DL196).


    Take the CBT course on:

    A 50 cc or 125 cc machine, automatic scooter or geared motorbike, we use only modern, well maintained bikes.

    We have both male and female instructors providing the highest standard of DVSA approved training.


    To take part in CBT you need:

    To be 16 and over.

    Be in possession of a valid U.K. licence (full or provisional)

    Have a working knowledge of the Highway Code and be able to read a car number plate over a distance of 20.5 meters, you should also be a competent push/pedal bike rider.


    CBT Entitles you to:

    16 year olds can ride 50 cc machine's until they reach 17 and then move up to 125 cc's Anyone 17+ can ride machine's not exceeding 125 cc's.

    You must display L-Plates front and rear.

    You cannot carry passengers or use motorways,

    The certificate is valid for 2 years after which you must retake the course if you intend to keep riding or during the two years take your practical motorcycle test.


    CBT consists of 5 basic 'elements'

    A. A talk detailing the importance of the correct clothing and equipment.


    B. An introduction to the machine you want to ride. You will be shown all the controls, discuss basic maintenance, practice using the stands, walking with the machine, operation of the brakes and how to use them safely, how to start and stop the engine.


    C. A series of practical 'on site' manoeuvre's designed to familiarise you with all the controls and help you establish competent handling. Including, pulling away and stopping, figures of eight, emergency stops, u-turns and left and right turns.


    D. A road briefing to discuss the importance of the Highway Code, hazard perception and general road awareness.


    E. Finally, a road ride, throughout which you will be in contact with your instructor via radio communication. With their guidance you will deal with most traffic situations such as T-junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights, crossings etc...


    You're sure to have fun, make some new friends and wonder why you didn't do this before!


    Please note:

    Complete your CBT on a geared or automatic machine, your certificate covers you for both.


    Why choose us for your CBT course?

    • We offer the very highest quality CBT courses at really great prices
    • We have CBT instructors, who between them, have over 40 years teaching experience and are all certified by the DVSA
    • We have a large dry classroom with changing rooms & lounge facilities
    • Our 'on-site' motorcycle & scooter CBT area is the largest in the county, offering over 12,000 sq ft of safe, secure practice space
    • FREE bike hire, choose from our fleet of over 25 new motorbikes & scooters
    • FREE insurance & the use of a safety helmet & hi-vis jacket

    For more information regarding CBT

    Please do not hesitate to call us, our office is open from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Mon to Fri.

    Or use the contact form and we'll get back to you ASAP

    Call us now on 07435 781223


    You don't need to take the theory test in order to take part in a CBT

    The motorcycle theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions,

    you must score 43 or more to pass, plus a hazard perception test. Set by the DVSA.


    You must complete CBT & Theory (in either order) before taking part in A2 or DAS.


    You don't need to take the theory test in order to take part in a CBT


    The theory test certificate is valid for two years so if you plan to go on and take your practical motorcycle test we recommend that you take your theory test as soon as you can.


    Studying for the theory is easy if you buy a new copy of the Highway Code or visit www.highwaycode.gov.uk and a book published by the DVSA titled ‘The Official Theory Test for Motorcyclist's’. Both are available from good bookshops.


    You can also buy DVD's and CD ROM's and even practice the test on-line!

    Booking your theory test is easy using the DVSA’s online booking form.

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